Role of Foam Cannon is Pressure Washer – Buyer's Guide

Role of Foam Cannon is Pressure Washer – Buyer's Guide

Water cannon is a device to deliver the water stream at high speed. Using the cannon can provide water at a very long distance, like firefighting. In pressure washing, a cannon is an excellent tool to wash heavy debris and mud vehicles with the 500 PSI pressure and 60 GPM flow rate.

However, a new term, form cannon, is now being used in pressure washing, and many people get confused between foam cannon and foam guns. Foam cannon is a new approach to pressure washing that assists in soap/detergent application in foam.

This article will discuss the foam cannon in detail and its difference from the foam guns. If you want clear your concepts, then this article might be for you!

What is Foam Cannon?

A water jet cannon is a pressure washing accessory used to upgrade the cleaning process. The key role of this add-on is to produce a hefty amount of soap foam to clean the heavy mud mess. The thick foam layer keeps the vehicles and other surfaces safe from damages, marks, and scratches caused by the pressure washers.

With its three parts, including an adjustable barrel, pressure tube, and solution bottle, the cannon mixes the soap with high-pressure water in the presence of air to produce the super-foaming solution. This foam covers the whole surface, which helps in lifting the debris. This process assists the washer in eradicating everything with scrubbing.

Benefits of Using Foam Cannon

  • Safe washing with marks and scratches
  • Efficient with better performance
  • Easy to deal with
  • A cheaper option to save time and energy

Difference between Foam Cannon & Foam Gun

The foam cannon and guns have almost the exact working mechanism, and that's why both are used interchangeably at some points. However, it's essential to know the slight difference to be a professional.

• Foam Cannon

Foam cannons are most commonly used with pressure washers rather than a regular hose. Cannons produce more pressure than guns resulting in thick and significant foam production.

• Foam Gun

Foam guns are designed to attach to the pressure washer and other hoses. If you don't have a pressure washer, it's the most reliable and cheap option to work with.

Vehicle Washing Process Using the Foam Cannon

  • Attach the cannon with a pressure washer
  • Fill the soap/shampoo
  • Rinse off the vehicle slightly
  • Apply the first layer of foam and wait for a few minutes
  • Wash the car properly
  • Apply another layer of foam, use hands to rub the thick mud, and rinse off the water again

Do Soap Matters in Foam Cannon Performance

Well, in foam cannon or guns, it doesn't matter which soap you are using. You only need to ensure that the soap is chemical-free. A few well-known soap brands that you can use blindly are;

  • Mothers Triple Action
  • Sun Joe
  • Bilt Hamber
  • Adam's
  • Chemical Guys


Most guides add vehicles to the non-pressure washing items because of the associated risks. However, using reliable accessories like foam cannon, you can wash your cars and even glass windows. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in exploring the new pressure washing techniques.