9 Things you need to know before buying UNBLOCK UBOX 9 PRO MAX

by noah


Looking for an all-in-one live TV absolutely for free? Then Unblock UBOX 9 Pro max is the best pick.  The latest product launched by Unblock Tech is a device where you can watch live TV channels worldwide without any cost. Ubox usa latest device is user-friendly, without any additional annual charges, no forestallments, and hidden charges. UBox 9 Pro max is a onetime investment for everyone in the house, from football fans to news channels for older generations, and the best choice for kids as well. Its best feature is that you can upgrade its functions throughout your life.


The specifications for the UNBLOCK UBOX 9 pro max are quite incredible. From possessing an H616 quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU, this TV box has a memory of 4G DDR3 with an infrared and 2.4G remote control. The operating system is Android 10.0 while the GPU is Mali-G31. This gadget supports multilateral languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc. weighing less than 100 gm, this TV box has a power supply of Input 100-240V output DC 5V/2A. Although The machine size is 110mm*110mm*18.5mm, the front panel has an LED Display and a colorful lamp. With 5.0 Bluetooth and 100M standard RJ45 LAN, UBOX 9 Pro max is the ultimate choice for you.


Free shipping:

Being thoughtful of the popularity of this tech gadget, the shipping cost across the globe is totally free for all kinds of users.

Fast shipping:

Everyone wants their orders to deliver on time. We provide safe and sound shipping with one of the fastest delivery services available to reach any region in the world.

Live TV channels:

UNBLOCK Ubox 9 Pro max allows you to access over 2000 Live TV channels smoothly and buffer-free streaming.

Major coverage:

This device covers most of the conventional TV channels in various regions, including Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, and not to forget mainland China, etc.

Sports enthusiast:

Watch National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, European Football Association, National Football League, Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and other sports league matches Live in High definition and High quality.

Installation services:

You do not need to worry about the installation of the TV box. The professional technical team of Ubox 9 provides complete guidance to the installation services.

 24 hours playback:

With all its specifications, UNBLOCK Ubox 9 pro max gives you 24 * 7 playback time.

Easy to apply:

Unlike other complex gadgets, Ubox pro max is quite easy to handle and plugin. So anyone can enjoy and use it from older people to children.


The entire TV box with all services is just $288 with no additional hidden charges.


UNBLOCK UBOX 9 Pro max is an ultra-tech, faster, and the prevailing newest addition to TV box devices. The price is $228 for the latest version worldwide. So order now to enjoy unlimited smooth live TV streaming. Contact for orders and queries.

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