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When a mind gets tired of the mechanized life, it wants some relief from the bondage of that life. The tired soul seeks something to refresh itself to get started as new. Only the smooth touch of nature can give the soul that freshness it seeks. So, when a man or woman wants to be or needs to get refreshed, he or she changes his/her regular place and looks for something different, something natural on any other part of the earth.

We provide that freshness to you, we take you to those places on the earth where your soul wants to go to purify itself. So we are here, to serve your adventurous, nature-loving and beauty-haunting soul ad to take you to the lap of nature and beauty.

We are passionate about travel – and we want you to be too. Having many years of combined experience, we have explored many regions of the world, a wide range of destinations in and around Bangladesh and discovered what makes each location unique, authentic and unforgettable. It is all about experience! Memories, friendships and appreciation of the world around us. Anyone can be a tourist, but Royal Tours Bangladesh will show you how to be a true traveler.

We provide detailed and up to date travel information, tailor-made itineraries and reliable logistics services including knowledgeable multi-lingual guides, transport & accommodation facilities. Our services and facilities are developed in collaboration with local communities and in harmony with the environment.

We welcome travelers from around the world. Our services include package trips to many exciting and attractive destinations all over Bangladesh, logistics support for your individual travel needs as well as experienced guides. Please take a closer look at our services and offers and contact us for any further information. Come with us and discover the hidden beauty of Bangladesh. We look forward to serving you!

We are a company that cares for clients!

  • Bangladesh - Mother of Rivers

    Bangladesh is called Mother of of Rivers as it is gifted with thousands of Rivers - ranging from large, medium, small in length. These rivers, including the diversity of their two sides and sourroundings, makes this country a wonderful water-world.

  • Longest Beach in the World

    Cox's Bazar, a southern district of Bangladesh, is gifted with the longest beach in the world. And it is not only the longest in the world but also one of the most beautiful places on the earth. It is the prime source of attraction to you when you are in Bangladesh.

  • Sundarbans - Magical Mangrove

    Sundarbans, like Cox's Bazar Beach, is another pride for Bangladesh, being the largest mangrove forest in the world. And it is called The Magical Mangrove, rightfully, for the variety of biodiversity it offers. It is the abode of the famous Royal Bengal Tigers.

  • History and Glory

    Bangladesh has a rich history, tradition and culture to present to the people of the entire world. So, come and explore her history, culture and glory. Embrace the sacrifices of her sons who had fought and snatched national pride and glory from time to time.

  • Villages - Heart of Bangladesh

    Majority of the land area of Bangladesh still holds the villages, so they are obviously the heart of this country. Thousands of villages offer you one of the most beautiful natural resources, originality and purity which will give you the glimpse of the freshness of life.

  • Hills, Mountains, Waterfalls

    Hills, mountains, waterfalls - some of the most fascinating features for you when you are touring and exploring. And Bangladesh provides you a lot of them. Specially, the southern part of the country, some of her north parts, invite you with hundreds of hills, mountains and waterfalls.

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