What is 25kva Transformer and benefits of 25kva Transformer

What is 25kva Transformer and benefits of 25kva Transformer

There are four types of transformers—power transformer, Generator step-up transformer, auxiliary, and, Autotransformer transformer. The power transformer transfers electricity between the generator and the primary circuit, which is a direct-distribution circuit. The auxiliary transformer is used to supply power to the generating plants, i.e., feed pumps, safety devices, and coolant unit pumps. The generator step-up transformer moves on to the generator step-up transformers, also known as GPUs. The last one is autotransformer. The autotransformer is becoming a more rated power transformer in the transmission system, which is working with a adjusted and steady burden.

The 25kva transformer is also an example of an autotransformer. 25kva Transformers are also called variable voltage transformers. Variable voltage transformers do not contain a dual-coil core design. They are used as dimmers, lighting dimmers, and in other applications. They are often controlled by a dial where precise control of the voltage were receiving load is desired.

In this article, we will talk about a 25kva transformer. The things which you have to notice before you purchase a 25kva transformer. Read the full article to get complete information about 25kva transformer.

25kva Transformer

A transformer with a transforming rate of 25kva is called a 25kva transformer. The industrial transformer with specifications of primary voltage grounded wye (2 wire) voltage of single-phase 7620/13200V and single-phase secondary voltage is 120/240V (L-L-N). The primary side of the pole-mount transformer has two porcelain high-voltage bushings, and the secondary has three bushings equipped with a copper iron core and copper windings. There is a single coil and two core loops in this single-phase transformer. The primary and secondary sides of tin-plated terminals accept the connection, which may be aluminum or copper. The variable transformers have many benefits from the other conventional ones, double wound transformers. The 25kva transformers are small in size and have no need for copper in their making process. The vital point is that the price of a 25kva transformer is less than the other variable voltage transformers. Also, compared to an equivalent two-winding transformer, their core and copper losses, I2R, and voltage regulation are good because of low resistance and leakage reactance. Product specifications may change suddenly without notice. For the exact price of 25kva with different variations. You have to specify your precise needs. A transformer of 25kva, which has 240-volts primary and 480-volts secondary, can support up to 104amps. 25kva transformer is widely used in electric grids, industries, public locations, factories, commercial, homes,and companies.

Benefits of 25kva Transformer

There are a lot of advantages of the 25kva transformers to the consumers of the heavy-duty transformer MT-UPM-R7-1P-GMQ-25KVA-SZ-BF-Z6-BM-CZ-2ZZ-M1. The owner can save a significant amount of energy. This transformer also has environmental benefits. The existence of the transformer expands by higher effectiveness. Yet, it also transforms into cost reserve funds for proprietors as lower energy charges and destroying cost of possession.


In this article we talked about What is 25kva transformer and benefits of 25kva transformer. We also discussed about features, importance and benefits of 25kav transformer.