Tips For Maximizing the Fuel Pump Lifespan

Tips For Maximizing the Fuel Pump Lifespan

The fuel pump is the most essential part of your vehicle's system. And somehow expensive to replace. These pumps have a long lifespan when kept with care. If there is some sort of issue with the fuel pump, then it is evident that the car will not perform well.

So, to make them last for a more extended period of time, here are a few tips. These pro tips will help maintain the fuel pump’s performance and life span.

If you are search for the right product, get one from a high-quality seller online. Now, starting with the basics, what is a fuel pump, and what does it do? So, let’s dig in right away.

What’s a Fuel Pump?

It is an electric component in the car, and its central role is to pull fuel from your gas tank to the engine. It indicates how much fuel is in the tank. The fuel pump is outfitted with filters, which are the main reason that dust particles do not enter the fuel when sent to the engine.

So how to maintain the fuel pump maximize its lifespan? There are some ways which you will find below in detail.

Tips To Maintain the Fuel Pump to Maximize Its Lifespan

Don’t Run on Empty Fuel Tank

Some drivers often don't refill the fuel tank at the proper time and wait to fuel up at the endpoint so when there is no fuel left in the tank. And at that point, the fuel pump can't draw fuel from the fuel tank only air can be drawn by the fuel pump, and this air can be damaging to your fuel pump. The engine is cooled by gasoline, and it’s now heated with air. If more air is drawn by the fuel pump, then more heat will be generated, and it can be damaging for both your car's engine and fuel tank. You can only protect the fuel pump and engine by fueling up one-fourth part of the fuel remaining.

Use Only Quality Fuel

It is unnecessary to fill up your fuel tank with high-priced, prime fuel at a gas station. However, it is good for your vehicle if it is filled with quality fuel. So, your priority should be the quality of the fuel. By getting healthier fuel from trusted gas stations, the engine runs smoothly. Hence, choosing the right gas station will be your responsibility otherwise, the poor quality of the gas will poorly affect your fuel pump.

Replace Once or Twice

Fuel pumps, if maintained and kept in good condition, lost longer. The components, like fuel pumps, are built to combat years of grind. But there is also a need to replace them at the proper time. It will be great for the health of your vehicle if the fuel pump is replaced every 100,000 miles, but some good quality fuel pumps last longer.


Jellied gas can cause great damage to your fuel pump. If the gasoline is in the tank for a long period, then it will start jelling. This can be why gumming up your fuel lines and fuel pump. Consider adding anti-ethanol to your tank if you don't go through a tank of gas every two weeks. Consult a trusted mechanic for fuel pump repairs and replacements.


Using quality fuel and replacing the fuel pump at the proper time will be enough to maximize the life span of the fuel pump. Quality fuel will help the vehicle perform its functions smoothly. The replacement of the fuel pump will also be beneficial for the vehicle.